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Association of Unity Churches
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Spiritual books for children

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The Compassionate Classroom
A Nonviolent Communication book

Group Publishing
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I'm a Person Project
Self-Esteem Mini-Kits

Loving Guidance
Dr. Becky Bailey's Conscious Discipline

Peace Education Foundation

Spirituality for Children
Susan Kramer's books, prayers & meditations

Teaching Children Compassionately
A Nonviolent Communication book

Teaching Kits & Resources (free)

Story & Picture Books
Books that can be adapted for lessons or carried in the bookstore

Illumination Arts
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Inspire Every Child
Donates inspiring children's books to libraries, schools, churches, and other organizations whose activities support disadvantaged children throughout the world. All donated books are non-denominational, focusing on the oneness of all humanity and honoring every person regardless of race, caste or creed.


Oriental Trading Co.
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Reader's Theater Scripts

Teaching Heart Reader's Theater Scripts & Plays

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For Parents & Mentors

Family Matters
Emotional & Spiritual Empowerment of Kids & Families

You Are Your Child's First Teacher (book)

Parenting: It's Your Job (video from Huffman Ministries)

International Network of Children and Families (INCAF)

Bible Search

Oremus Bible Browser (NRSV)

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