The 12 Powers of Man

Twelve Powers: Spiritual Tools for an Abundant Life                                                

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Faith | Strength | Wisdom | Love | Power | Imagination | Understanding | Will Order | Zeal | Elimination | Life

Would you like to feel more fulfilled, centered and in charge of your life? Unity offers a wide variety of educational resources to help you learn about 12 spiritual abilities you already possess. 

Charles Fillmore, Unity's co-founder, called them the "Twelve Powers." These spiritual abilities were perfectly expressed by Jesus and are present in every person. We invite you on a spiritual journey to discover how to put these Powers to work and create the life of your dreams.

Using the Powers 
At first glance, the Powers may seem complex, but they are really practical spiritual gifts that each person uses every day. In this Resource Center we'll post a variety of materials to not only help you learn about the Twelve Powers but also to help you apply them in your life. Resources will include readings, meditations, and a variety of other materials—all relating to a particular Power.