Childrens & Youth Ministry Grants

Policies & Procedures

Subject: Grant to support Children/Youth Ministry Development
Purpose: To assist the churches in the Southeast region in the development of their education programs for children and youth.
Policy: Resources permitting, the Southeast Region will offer up to $200 per ministry, in expense reimbursement for any church in the Southeast Region sending any adults to a SE Regional Children's Ministry (including Uniteen and YOU) training for a startup children/youth program.

A start up program is defined as a program for a church never having had a program in one of the age brackets of Children's Ministry, Uniteen, or YOU; or for a program for one of those groups which has been discontinued for more than a year.


  1. The minister or Children's Ministry Program Director should apply to the Regional Education Consultant for the age group for which training is sought in order to receive approval for this start-up grant. It is entirely possible that a church may send more than one person to such training, and that the selected training might cover more than one age-group (e.g., as the Youth Team Conferences do).
  2. An itemized expense report, together with receipts for all expenditures, must be submitted to the Southeast Regional office for reimbursement. The check will be sent to the minister of the church, but will be made out to the payee requested with submission of paperwork.


Revised: March 2003