Living Room Conversation Host Training

Living Room Conversation Host Training



Thursday, January 27, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Cost $75.00 per church

To Register: https://seunity.breezechms

Living Room Conversations Host Training will help you facilitate tough conversations. These can be within your congregation, or you can reach out and facilitate conversations for your community.


Training will include:

  • 2-hour training on January 27th
  • Diving into the Conversation Agreements and how they create a safe container for the conversation
  • Tips for organizing and convening conversation within a faith community and how to adapt our resources for conversations for larger groups
  • Hosting Best Practices-- participate in an abbreviated conversation where LRC staff will model hosting with a guide of your choice followed by a Q&A
  • Dig into potential interventions and what to do when a conversation starts to go off-track
  • Tips for hosting a conversation around race

Copy of the slide deck used for the training as well as a PDF packet co-branded resources that can be shared with your entire network as well as exclusive resources not available on our website (including Time Management, Strategies for a Smooth Conversation, and our Hosting