Ministerial Scholarships

Policy & Procedures

Subject: Scholarships for Ministers, Spiritual Leaders, and Licensed Unity Teachers
Purpose: It has been the practice of Southeast Unity Ministries to provide scholarships for finacially supporting ministries as needed for specific activities and/or events, including Ministry of Peace Making Training and the Annual Regional Conference. These scholarships are a way of sharing a portion of the Southeast Region tithe with those serving the region as Ministers, Spiritual Leaders, and Licensed Unity Teachers.

The intent of the scholarship program is to support, not enable. It is important that the individual Ministries build prosperity consciousness that allows funding for church leaders to participate in continuing education programs and activities vital to their spiritual and professional growth.

The Southeast Region Board encourages individual ministries to provide funds for their ministers and spiritual leaders to participate in Association of Unity Churches activities on the Regional and National level. There is recognition that at times assistance in providing for training and involvement is necessary, therefore, the following policy governing scholarships has been developed. Application for Scholarships should be made on the basis of true need, not just because funds are available.


  1. A limited number of scholarships are available, by application from financially supporting ministries, for the yearly Southeast Region conference up to $100 to cover registration costs and Ministry of Peace Making Training to cover the cost of room and meals.
  2. Scholarships are available on the basis of one per ministry or individual every other year. Any ministry, minister, spiritual leader or Licensed Teacher receiving a scholarship to any training is not eligible for a scholarship to a different training within that two year period.
  3. Application must be made in advance of the training or conference on application forms available from the Regional Office. The signature of a church board member, preferably the President or Treasurer, is required on the application. A place for indicating that participation is dependent upon receipt of a scholarship is on the application form.
  4. First time applicants will have priority over individuals who have received previous scholarships.
  5. Registration fees for the Southeast Region conference and Ministry of Peace Making training are to be paid in advance and the individual/ministry will be reimbursed if a scholarship is granted.
  6. Any scholarship recipient canceling after the registration cut-off date, or not showing up at an activity for which they have received a scholarship, will be held responsible for reimbursing the Region for that expense.


  1. Request an application form from the Regional Office.
  2. Complete the application form and have it signed by your Church's Board President or Treasurer.
  3. Submit the application form with your registration form for the event, along with the appropriate registration fee to the Regional Office.
  4. The Regional Office will determine if the applicant has received a scholarship within the past two years. In which case, they are not eligible for a scholarship.
  5. The Board will inform the Regional office how many scholarships are available for any given event. Using the above guidelines, the Regional office will assign scholarships based on a first come basis.
  6. No applications will be considered without a completed registration form and registration fee.
  7. The Regional Office will notify applicants of the status of their application.
  8. The Regional Office will send a bill for all costs incurred by the region to any applicant who receives a scholarship but does not show up for the event.
  9. The Regional Office will maintain a data base of all scholarships granted.


Dated: March 2003