Prosperity with Carla Palmer, LUT



True Prosperity
A new virtual or in-person class
facilitated by Licensed Unity Teacher, Carla Palmer,
five Saturday mornings in October from ten o’clock to noon.


Are you ready for an exciting challenge?  This classic Unity course, True Prosperity, will invite you to engage the thoughts and ideas of two of Unity’s greatest teachers and metaphysicians: Charles Fillmore and Eric Butterworth.  Although Fillmore’s and Butterworth’s perspectives sometimes differ, you’ll discern how their ideas complement each other. Together, Charles Fillmore and Eric Butterworth will lead you into a greater understanding of prosperity (what it is and how it works). 
• Are you willing to let go of thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back from demonstrating true prosperity?
• Are you willing not only to study but to put into practice the ideas you learn in this course?
• Are you open to developing a consciousness of abundance that will enhance every area of your life?
If your answer to any of these questions is “yes!” then you are ready for this course!
To register for this class go to  Leave your email address and texting phone number. Carla will let you know where to send your registration fee.
Class Fees:
$125.00 to register the class for credentialing credit
$ 80.00 for non-credit (auditing) the class. Discounts for couples!
Zoom coordinates will be emailed to virtual students after they register and send fees for this exciting course.