Uniteen Curriculum

Uniteen Curriculum Available from the AUC
There are many resources and curriculum available through the Association of Unity Churches to support you. To see what is available, along with sampling lessons from some of these resources, go to www.unity.org or call 866-236-3571.

REMEMBER! Uniteens are active learners. They want to get up and move around and learn by doing!  Include an activity related to your lesson every time you meet. If you don’t know where to begin, start with The Uniteen Life Issues Series. Be sure to process or “debrief” the activity with your group, allowing them the opportunity to explore and discover Spiritual Truths at his/her own level of Understanding & Divine Timing...

  • NEW! Make A Difference - 7 interactive lessons to support Uniteens in considering their own inner power for making a difference in their world.
  • Uniteen Program Guide, Part 1 & Part 2 - this is a MUST for Uniteen Ministry! A complete guide for ministering to teens, ages 11-13. Read it; use it! GREAT RESOURCE!
  • Daily Word for Teens - written in a conversational style, in language teens understand, addressing issues teens face every day.
  • Uniteen Life Issues Series - Relationships - 7 complete lessons that actively engage teens in exploring issues in relationships.
  • Uniteen Life Issues Series - Self Image - 8 complete lessons examining the concept of self image.
  • Uniteen Life Issues Series - Fair Play - 7 complete lessons exploring prejudice, group connections and power, trust and service.
  • Uniteen Life Issues Series - Choices & Consequences - 7 complete lessons exploring how attitude affects choices, how choices benefit/hurt, & the importance of listening to inner guidance.
  • Uniteen Life Issues Series - Bring on the Basics! - 7 interactive lessons examining beliefs about God and how choices create our world.
  • Uniteen Life Issues Series - Navigating Thru Change - 8 interactive lessons examining fear of change, choosing to change, family changes, letting go of the old and trusting.
  • Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul & More Taste Berries for Teens - both are companion books for Uniteen Life Issues Series.
  • The Holiday Spirit for Uniteens - complete lessons for Palm Sunday, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas.
  • Uniteens Quest, Part I - 12 complete lessons for Uniteens from themes and activities in Teens on the Quest. Easy to follow format.
  • Do It! Active Learning - 24 active learning activities that can be adapted to any lesson. $14.99.  An oldie but goodie!
  • Building Community in Youth Groups - 100 ready-to-use discussion ideas & creative activities to go along with your lesson. Another oldie but goodie!
  • 5 Basic Unity Principles Posters - one for youth and one for adults.