Uniteen Retreats



Info for Uniteens
In order to attend a regional retreat, teens must be in grades 6, 7, 8 or equivalent, with a maximum age of 14, and a minimum age of 11.

In order to attend a regional retreat, teens must be “active” in his/her Uniteen group at church.  “Active” means that the teens attend Sunday Uniteens at least 2 times per month for 2 months prior to retreat.

Info for Adult Leaders/Chaperones
NEW! All adults attending a regional retreat must have a background check on file at his/her church.  To verify this, the Minister must sign the Endorsement form.

NEW! A Uniteen Leader accompanying his/her Uniteens to retreat must sign the Endorsement form verifying that the teens attending retreat are spiritually and emotionally prepared for the retreat.

Read the Brochure for Adults Attending Retreats.

A parent or familiar adult who will not be responsible for the rest of the group should accompany teens with special challenges requiring close, personal adult supervision.

Registration Forms & Fees

  • All forms should be the current versions and made out in triplicate. Send one copy to the regional consultant, one copy should travel with the group’s adult leader, and the original should be on file at the church.
  • Each Uniteen and each Adult must have a completed Medical/Liability Release.  
  • REVISED! Each Uniteen and each Adult must have a signed Heart Agreements. The Heart Agreements must be signed by the Uniteen and his/her parent or guardian.
  • Each group must have one completed Chapter Registration Form.
  • NEW! Each group must have one signed Minister/Uniteen Leader Endorsement form.
  • NEW! One Group Service Opportunity form should be completed in order for the teens to provide service at retreat.
  • If there is a Spirit Sharing, the Spirit Sharing Form should be completed.
  • One check for registration for your entire group submitted on-time to avoid late fees.

What Time Does the Retreat Begin & When Does It End?

  • Check-in is 7 p.m. Please eat supper before arriving at the camp. The Retreat begins at 7 p.m. on Friday and ends by noon on Sunday.
  • While unexpected delays are understood, it is essential that your group arrive in plenty of time. It is very disruptive to your group and others when there are late arrivals.  Your group needs time to check-in, unload gear into the cabins, and be present in the main meeting room by 7 p.m. Groups arriving after 7 p.m. will have to wait until after Vespers to unload.
  • The Opening is an important time for welcoming, centering, setting the tone and expectation for the weekend. Allow enough travel time for your group to arrive in time to get settled in and be present for the Opening.

Summary of What To Include to Register Your Group
Send the following items in ONE packet. Your group will not be considered registered if fees & forms are sent separately!

  1. A completed Medical/Liability Release for each Teen and each Adult.
  2. A completed Heart Agreements for each Teen and each Adult.
  3. One Chapter Registration Form to be completed for each group attending.
  4. One Minister/Uniteen Leader Endorsement form signed by the Minister and the Uniteen Leader attending retreat.
  5. One completed Group Service Opportunity Form.
  6. If there is a Spirit Sharing Show, complete the Spirit Sharing Form, if participating.
  7. One check for registration for your entire group made out to “Southeast Region Uniteens” sent to the Regional Consultant on-time to avoid late fees.